Installation of transformers in hospital in Kuwait

Safety matters… much more when it has to do with the electrical equipment of modern hospitals with high standards.

The absolute safety of EMMIS certified transformers was one of the critical factors which led to the selection of our company as the supplier of transformers and insulation monitors for the expansion of Chest Diseases Hospital in Kuwait, which is specialized in the chest diseases.

In the context of this project, we supplied the ultra-tech hospital with sixteen (16) isolating transformers for medical locations with a total power of 203 kVA and an equal number of insulation monitors HRI-R40 and remote signaling panels PR-5, CTs TCB3D.

The acceptance of our upgraded and certified transformers and the trust we receive regarding the reliability of our products and services from the foreign markets – even for the most demanding applications – create promising prospects for the continuation of our company’s growth.