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The products made by EMMIS are accompanied by warranty period, as follows:

  • Ten (10) year warranty for low voltage SSO, SHO, SC, TSO, THO, TC, TR, MSO, MHO, MC
  • Two (2) years warranty for transformers SP, SW, SA, TA 

Warranty terms and conditions:

  1. The products are used according to the relevant instructions.
  2. No alterations or repairs should be made to the products by others excluding the technicians of our company.
  3. The customer must immediately inform our company, giving detailed written report for defective or damaged products. The report should include – among others – the serial number (S / N), the type and purchase document of the defective or damaged products.
  4. During the installation of the products, standards and regulations relating to respective installation must be followed.
  5. In case the above terms and conditions are not followed, EMMIS SA bears no responsibility for any damage that may occur in our products and in no case replaces them.
  6. Our company bears no responsibility and does not replace damaged products and does not repair damages caused by natural or weather phenomena, such as lightning, floods, fires, earthquakes etc.
  7. Our company undertakes to repair and return to the customer the defective products. Any transportation costs or other costs until defective products are delivered to our facilities are incurred by the buyer.
  8. Replacements of defective products are made only if deemed necessary by the technicians of our company. The defective products which are replaced become property of EMMIS SA.
  9. The warranty period starts from the date of purchase by the end user or installation electrician.
  10. In cases of repair or replacement, the remaining warranty period of the original products purchased is transferred to the repaired or new products that have replaced the originally purchased ones and the warranty period is not extended.
  11. EMMIS SA bears no responsibility for losses or consequences arising due to poor or deficient knowledge of installation, operation or maintenance or non full adherence to the installation terms and conditions (as those are indicated in the user and installation instruction manuals) and use of its products or negligence during the installation, operation or maintenance of its products.
  12. Necessary prerequisite for the activation of the warranty terms is the non-violation of the packaging before the sale to the end user and the non-violation of the product before or after installation.
  13. In cases EMMIS SA resells products which are not made in its factory but they have been manufactured by third parties, the respective manufacturer’s warranty policy is applicable